Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chester and STEM High Schools First Annual Spring Tea

STEM Senior Adviser Karen Kelly, Chester High School Principal Constance McAlister, and CHS Adviser Barbara Hobbs

Chester High School was the site of the first annual spring tea. The tea party was a shared event for Chester High School and STEM senior young ladies. Young ladies were all dressed up in their best fineries for the midday brunch held in the atrium. Everyone was at their very best as they learned about the history of the tea party and chat and chewed delicate finger sandwiches, and drank a variety of teas. Tea cups were donated by staff. 

So while the senior young ladies were entertaining a tea party, what were the senior young men up to? They were in the auditorium learning about proper etiquette at the prom and how to prevent a DUI or as a young man told me, “DWB.” Either way very valuable lessons, the event went off without a hitch. I would say it was a very splendid day for a tea. 

Spring Tea Pictures

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