Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chester Clippers Baseball 2014 Season

dsbpix: Chester High School Clippers Baseball team 2014
Kesahn Long Report

This season is going to be a very good season. We have a lot more talent and more dedicated players. Also our coaches are training us to be good and disciplined young men on and off the field. So far we played two games. We lost them both but it’s because we went in playing our opponents weak and waited too long to put runs on the scoreboard. We lost to Academy Park 3-0, and that game was a good matchup. Then we played Interboro and lost 16-1 and that was a learning experience. For the rest of the season we know to go in the game hard and end the game hard. The catcher Kesahn Long, who’s a junior, plays outstanding games just have to keep his head up when he misses a play. Cameron Thompson plays good games. He needs to have more faith in teammates. Tyron Johnson comes and goes hard every practice and game and that’s what we like to see. Angel Melecio is the key on this team. He is the most experienced and we’re glad to have him. Jose cruz is another very talented player who gives his all. All the team we play well. We just have to win and that’s our goal for the rest of the season. With help from our coaches, we know that will happen.

Coaches: Mark Bennett, Eugene Campbell, and Chris Dawling

#10 Kesahn Long - Catcher, 2nd Baseman
#1 Cameron Thompson - Pitcher, Shortstop, Centerfield
#23 Tyrone Johnson - Pitcher, 1st and 3rd Baseman
#2 Jesus Boneu - Pitcher, 2nd Baseman
#8 Christian Boneu - 2nd Baseman
#15 Angel Melecio - Pitcher, Centerfield, and Shortstop
#21 Cesar Santos - Catcher
#6 Issac Laguna - 2nd Baseman, Shortstop
#24 Jose Clausel - 2nd Baseman, Shortstop
#9 Jose Cruz - Pitcher, Shortstop, 2nd Baseman
#18 William - Left field, Pitcher
#7 Pete - 3rd Baseman, Pitcher
#25 Young - Right field
Gibby - 3rd Baseman
Nick - Right field, Pitcher

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