Friday, February 21, 2014

Clippers win over Ghost in Quarter Finals

Chester Clippers Boys Basketball Team: Thanks for the picture (DSBpix)

In the quarterfinals basketball game at the Clip Joint tonight, Chester beat Abington 63-51. Chester kept the lead throughout the game despite a very aggressive Abington team. These guys can leap. Both teams kept the excitement in the game. A very good match up but Chester will move on to the Semi-finals at Temple University next week.

The scores
1st  Quarter
18 Chester
12 Abington
2nd  Quarter
33 Chester
23 Abington
3rd  Quarter
47 Chester
39 Abington
4th  Quarter
63 Chester
51 Abington

The Players
1  Kahleeq Campbell, Sophomore, 5-6 Guard
2 Keyonte Watkins, Junior, 5-8 Guard
4 Jamar Sudan, Freshman, 6-3 Guard
5 Da'Saun Campbell, Senior, 6-2 Guard
10 Jahmi Bailey, Sophomore , 6-3 Guard
11 Conrad Chambers, Senior, 6-0 Guard
15 Marquis Collins, Sophomore, 6-7 Forward
21 Mahir Johnson, Senior, 6-2 Guard
22 Quran Foreman, Junior, 6' 3" Forward
30 Brewster Ward, Senior, 6-3 Guard
31 Tyrell Sturdivant, Senior, 6-8 Forward
32  Gabe Adesina, Senior, 6-8 Forward
34  Maurice Henry, Junior, 6-8 Forward

Congratulations Clippers and good luck on moving forward to the semi-finals.


  1. You forgot #22 Quran Foreman 6' 3" Forward - Junior

    1. Sorry, I did not forget him. Eteamz did. Where I got the Roster information. I will add him. Thanks coach.