Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 Oscar Worthy Movies

I don’t care much who wins the Oscars this year. I only saw one nominated movie “Lincoln” for historical reasons. If the movie wasn’t filled with action or wasn’t a romantic comedy or a Tyler Perry movie, it was unlikely that I paid to see it. Although the nominated movies have merit and include a little action, drama, romance, I will have to catch up to watching on paid cable TV. Let’s face it I will probably doze off before the best picture is announced. 

Here are the 10 movies in 2012 in the order I saw them and some reviewed.

1. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: I started off 2012 watching Tom Cruise in IMAX at the King of Prussia Theater. Great action movie, loved it.

2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds: Good

3. The Hunger Games: Okay

4. Think like a Man: Good

5. The Avengers: Okay

6. Spider-Man: Good

7.  Batman: Good

Review was not posted

8. Cloud Atlas: Very Good

9. Lincoln: Loved it!

10. Jack Reacher: Okay. Ended my 2012 movie year with Tom Cruise and earned the title, by someone, Mrs. Tom Cruise. No reviews for Jack Reacher but as I started my year in IMAX, I ended it in IMAX at the beautiful theater in Wilmington.

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