Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rondae's DUNK on ESPN SportsCenter

ESP SportsCenter is airing a video clip from YesgodTv (Kev Thomas) of Rondae Jefferson’s DUNK. I saw the clip at 5:50 this morning. There is still time to see it.

Via Dave Burman
ESPN SportsCenter will air the following times today (Tuesday Jan 1st) 1 AM - 2 AM, 2 AM - 3 AM...then 5Am - 6 AM, 6 AM- 7 AM, 7 AM-8 AM, 8 AM-9 AM, 9 AM-10 AM, 10 AM-11 AM. The Top 10 plays come on around 50 minutes into the show. Rondae's is # 2.

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