Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wanda Sykes in Annie

I went to see Annie tonight to find out just how amazing this show was with Wanda Sykes. This was the last appearance this year for Wanda Sykes in Annie. But she will be returning for a short engagement from January 12th to 16th in 2011. Mary Martello will be playing the role of Hannigan December 15th to January 10th.

The students at Stetser Elementary School enjoyed the show with good reason. Wanda was a great Ms. Hannigan. However, somehow I thought Ms. Hannigan had more of a role. Wanda was a great find for the part. Rumor has it she lives in the area and wanted to give back to the community.

The play is worth the trip for anyone including students who still have time to see it. There is some mention of history in it, the 1929 depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. In fact, there was a role played for F. D. R. In addition to the history, the music was fantastic. I always liked hearing that song Tomorrow. The song makes one feel hopeful. Yankee Diamond, the dog which played the role of Sandy, melted my heart. He was so sweet and well behaved. Children and adults will enjoy this play.

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