Thursday, November 25, 2010

Superintendent’s Message for Thanksgiving

In an open message from Teaching for Success: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Fall Issue, volume 2 to the community, Dr. Joyce Wells, Acting Superintendent of Chester Upland School District, sends out her Thanksgiving greetings. “As we celebrate this season of giving, join us as we take a moment to give thanks and celebrate our accomplishments.”

She expresses thanks for the following 10 accomplishments in the District and thanks the community for their support:

The attendance rate for students and teachers which are at a national level of 90%

Parents who attended the Parent Summit and other District events

27 students who are recognized for high honors from the School Board of Directors

Pre-College credits from Eastern and Widener Universities for the high school students

Partnership and reduced tuition rates from Delaware County Community College

Community partners who care and continue to add resources to the schools

Staff who mentor students and help them achieve excellence

Travel opportunities through District sponsored field trips for all students

Annual Yearly Progress for Stetser Elementary School, Toby Farms Elementary School, and   CU School of the Arts

All of the children and families of Chester Upland

She concluded by saying she encourages us to reflect on things we are personally thankful for and for us to remember the less fortunate people of Haiti, Africa, and New Orleans.
And “Have a great holiday!”

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